Black Estate Vineyard - North Canterbury | Home Vineyard
Black Estate Vineyard - North Canterbury | Home restaurant

Home, Damsteep and Netherwood vineyards lie on the hills of Omihi, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Pen and Nicholas look after these special farms with Pen’s family and an enthusiastic Black Estate team.

We’re making pure and living wines grown on these hills in a cool climate.  We farm with nature and wish for our vineyards to be full of natural life, so balanced, healthy places for people to be and quality food and wine to grow.

Organic, biodynamic and regenerative farming practices help us enrich the soils and life here.  No systemic sprays or chemicals are used on our vineyards.  Compost and biodynamic preparations are added to the soils and plants to ignite the life there and all around.  We till and mow the interrows and surrounds of our vineyards as little as possible, sometimes planting cover crops or letting them return, allowing natural diversity for balanced life and continued sequestion of carbon.  Farming like this is dynamic and keeps life and work on these farms interesting and fun.  We’re also happy that humans  who work with us or enjoy our wines are not affected by toxic residues.

In the winery, Nicholas and Justine guide the wines naturally, focusing on the essence and character of the fruit hand- picked. If our wines can speak honestly of their place and season, we can share the connection we have to these places with you!  No additions or manipulations are made, nor fining or filtering except vineyard derived yeast to ferment and minimal sulphur added at bottling.  Five of our wines are zero sulphur. Certified organic and biodynamic with Biogro 5202 and Demeter.