Land & People


Land, Biodynamics & Organics

Our vineyards are organic and biodynamic so that we’re all in natural and healthy places.

We farm organically & biodynamically to work with nature, not against it. If our land is naturally healthy and full of diverse life, we have healthier vines, producing fruit with quality and flavour that expresses it’s unique environment.

Organics means we don’t use any systemic sprays on our land, which would destroy the microbial life and ecosystems there – our foundation.   We want to give back to our vineyards so they have natural balance and provide for generations and life after us. We’re only guardians of these sites.  Offering wines to enjoy without any chemical residues that could affect your health is another huge motivation,  as well as knowing our staff are free from chemicals while they work with us.

We take inspiration from and use biodynamics practices. Rooted in Rudolf Steiner teachings, biodynamics teaches us to see each of our three vineyards in a holistic way.   All the elements that make up our vineyards are considered, and how they interact and make one healthy, vital whole. The vines, fields, forests, animals, plants, soils, compost, people and the spirt of the place are equally important.  When all considered, our sites can build their own sustaining natural rhythms.

Certified with Biogro 5202.


Our three vineyards and business are family owned and managed by Nicholas Brown and Pen Naish (they’re an item).  Nicholas looks after the vineyards and wines with our wonderfully committed team. Penelope (Pen) runs the business and looks over the restaurant and cellar door with another group of friendly individuals. They have two children who have grown up at the Home and Netherwood Vineyards. Pen’s parents and siblings are also invested in these vineyards.  Pen’s father Rod is a 5th generation horticulturalist from North Otago. His family grew some of the first commercial table grapes in New Zealand. Pen’s mum Stacey provides much cheer and child minding along with Nicholas’ parents. Her siblings Jo and Cam are supporters and offer fresh perspectives.

Making wines true to our sites and inviting guests to enjoy them on our vineyards could never happen without our strong team.   We’re privileged to find ourselves surrounded by such enthusiastic and talented people who appreciate our land, vines and wines. We’re learning from each other every day and grateful for what everybody brings to our vineyards and spaces.