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Land, Biodynamics & Organics

Our three vineyard sites are farmed using organic and biodynamic practices. We choose to work this way because we can see that when being in harmony with our natural world, we have a sense of purpose and healthier vines and lives. Our vines go on to produce fruit that not only expresses its place – the land and community around it, but creates a wine with immense authenticity.

Following an organic regime does not simply mean we avoid using systemic sprays on our land. We want to celebrate the microbial life and ecosystems that are naturally occurring by encouraging the natural flora and fauna to flourish. When using conventional sprays such as synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, the all important microbiological landscape within a vineyard is severely compromised and loses its inherent potential to mitigate pests and disease.  We use regenerative practices, encouraging diversity of plants around our vines and planting cover crops carefully whilst being mindful or over cultivation and compaction of our soils.   In the long run, encouraging this natural harmony between vine, fruit and wine creates better quality and flavour for our wines, and ensures the land’s potential to provide for the generations after us.

We apply biodynamic practises in our vineyards and winery and can see each year more natural harmony in our ecosystems and happy staff!  Rooted in Rudolf Steiner teachings, biodynamics teaches us to see each of our three vineyards in a holistic way. The practices promote the health and natural balance of the soils and ecosystems, and enhance the link between plant growth and the rhythms of the cosmos.  All elements that make up our vineyards are considered, especially how they interact and make one healthy, vital whole. The vines, fields, forest, animals, plants, soils, compost, people and the spirit of the place are all equally important. When all is considered, our sites can build and sustain their own natural rhythms.

When it comes to winemaking; we are motivated to offer wines that are made without any chemical residues. In doing so, we can enjoy energetic wine that nurtures us, rather than compromise our wellbeing. We also feel passionate about our team at Black Estate being able to work up close in the vineyard, without exposure to such chemicals.

Certified with Biogro 5202.  


Nicholas & Pen

We’re family owned.  Nicholas and Pen are married with two gorgeous children who have grown up at the Home and Netherwood vineyards (that’s mum writing).  Pen and Nicholas own and manage the business. Nicholas looks after our three vineyards and the wine making with an enthusiastic wine and nature loving team.  Pen manages the business and looks over the restaurant and cellar door with a bunch of very fun, committed individuals.

The dream is only possible with this incredible team of people who we thank every day for joining us.  Quality and true expression of place can only happen when all of us connect with the land, the vision and each other.   We’re learning from each other every day and grateful for what everyone brings to our vineyards and venues.

And there’s more!  Pen’s parents and siblings have invested in our land and vineyards since the beginning, making this dream possible in. the first place.  Pen’s father Rod is a 5th generation horticulturalist from North Otago and has provided business advice on the journey. Pen’s mum Stacey provides much cheer and family support along with Nicholas’ parents.  Jo and Cam, Pen’s siblings are supporters and offer fresh perspectives.

The Christmas party is fun.

Staff hangs at Home Vineyard

Our Suppliers


Our goal is to always celebrate our whenua, and what better way to do that, than to cook and create with food made and grown from our back yard.


Little Owl BD Farm.

Based in Gore Bay, an hour north of Black Estate. Micheal and Liz grow vegetables, using the organic methods of the biodynamic movement. They also provide fortnightly vegetable boxes from the farm to locals. Get in touch if you interested to get your own.

Streamside Organics

Based in Leeston, Streamside is a 50 acre certified organic farm growing produce for local restaurants, markets, supermarkets and wholesalers.

Canterbury Cheese Mongers

Canterbury Cheesemongers is a cheese maturing and cheese selling business located in Ferrymead Christchurch. They stock handmade cheese from New Zealand and abroad.

Little Goat Farm Dairy

Produced at Te Hua Farm, Andrea Gauland has been developing her cheesemaking skills through trial, error, voracious reading, and a love of all things cheese-y.

Rachel Scott

Based in Amberely, we have worked with Rachel from the very beginning. Delicious bread (and caramels) made simply. Delicious.


Based in Hawkes Bay, Ben and George farm certified and free range chickens under the apple trees of their family orchard.

Sporeshift Mushrooms NZ

Taylor and Susan run a small scale organic mushroom farm in North Canterbury supplying a variety of high quality, gourmet mushrooms to local restaurants, markets and shops.

Wairiri Buffalo Cheese

Their philosophy is to live in harmony with the land, to care and nurture it, our goal is to be a worldwide exemplar of sustainable agriculture. Totally organic, the buffalo are free grazing and winter feed is harvested from our farm.


World class pine nuts grown for over 20 years in Malborough.

Roan Milk

James and Chloe Davidson have been building their boutique milk business and small herd of Shorthorn and Jersey cows for the last three years, in the heart of Canterbury. Cows are 100% grass-fed and their pastures are free of chemical pesticides, glyphosphate and synthetic fertilisers.

Wash Creek

Just up the road from Black Estate, certified organic farmers at Washcreek grow award winning lamb, beef, and crops.

Athena Olives

Patrick, local to Waipara, tends to 3,000 olive trees producing delicious olives and oil that have been on our menu since the beginning.

Ocean Speared

Our newest fish supplier, providing individually spear caught fish from the top of the south Island. Ethical and sustainable.

Awatoru Wild Foods

Awatoru (Three Rivers) is an Artisan Fishing and Wild Food supply company, a small family business based on the Kapiti Coast, supplying the Hospitality and Restaurant trade.