Black Estate Season & Vineyard Reports

2017 Season & Vineyard Report

Black Estate Vineyard - North Canterbury | Netherwood Vineyard 3

A dry mild winter meant a continuation of the drought in North Canterbury. However a mild spring allowed good early spring growth and small but regular rainfalls prevented vine stress in the first half of the season. January brought more intensity to the season with high winds and very dry conditions. Vine growth was restricted and our vineyard team worked hard to limit stress on the vine canopy. Humid weather returned in early March meaning we had to ensure ripening bunches had maximum exposure to light and ventilation to reduce the potential for crop loss to botrytis. Fruit thinning continued right up to harvest further reducing crop levels. Considerate picking decisions and careful hand sorting was required to work between rain showers and ensure only the ripest and cleanest fruit was selected. Another unique season with some late season challenges has produced rare wines with great purity and freshness and complex delicate flavours.