Black Estate Season & Vineyard Reports

2012 Season & Vineyard Report

Black Estate Vineyard - North Canterbury | Netherwood Vineyard 3

‘Twas a cool wet spring with a slow increase in ground soil temperatures. Regular rain events carried into early summer which led to cool, modest flowering. The rain meant a lot of grass growth and slow canopy growth since the deep roots didn’t warm up. Cooler temperatures and rain events continued through to Autumn so harvest commenced 2-3 weeks later then normal. And then the sun came out! Giving us a warm and sunny run for ripening. The delay meant the harvested fruit was physiologically ripe but lower in brix. Our chardonnay fermentations had an even journey to completion; Pinot Noir fermentations revealed complex aroma and good acidity; and the Riesling has been fermenting at a slow relaxed simmer retaining a lot of aroma. We are surprised and very happy with the quality and complexity of the wines harvested. Compost has been spread on the vines for an enriching restful winter, pruning has started the new cycle ahead.