Black Estate Season & Vineyard Reports

2022 Season & Vineyard Report

Winter and early spring rainfalls meant vines started the growing season in spring with adequate soil moisture. Some cool night time temperatures in September kept us on frost alert but we were able to avoid any frost damage. Timing of bud-burst and flowering ran seven to ten days later than previous seasons but in line the the long term average. Buds appeared first at Damsteep in Mid September then Home block around the Spring equinox and then at Netherwood by the beginning of October. Shoot growth was even across the blocks and kept the field team busy with hand weeding, shoot thinning, and then wire lifting. Post flowering we experienced higher humidity levels than normal which averaged 82% through the normally dry December, January, and February months. Thorough leaf removal around the fruit zone was undertaken across all blocks and spray intervals were tightened up to manage the potentially high disease pressure from powdery mildew. Harvest commenced in mid March where our field team carefully sorted each bunch of fruit to ensure the best possible flavours of the season could be captured. A machine harvester was used for the first time, for one Home block, where weather threatened the crop and allowed us to bring our fruit in as quickly as possible where fruit appeared fragile. We are relieved and happy to savour every wine from this unique and challenging season.