Black Estate Season & Vineyard Reports

2021 Season & Vineyard Report

Winter and early spring rainfalls meant vines started the growing season in spring with adequate soil moisture. Very cold night time temperatures in late September and mid October caused significant frost damage across many vineyards in North Canterbury. Once vineyards rebounded rapid vegetative growth kept vineyard teams busy with shoot thinning, undervine cultivation, and organic spray rounds with short intervals. Weather at flowering was unfavourable with rain and cool temperatures lowering fruit set and further reducing potential yield. Warm dry conditions in January and February slowed vegetative growth. Small bunches ripened fast with accelerated sugar accumulation leading to an early start to harvest. Harvest was done by hand and fruit was ripe and clean with low disease pressure. Harvest across our three vineyards was rapid and completed in settled weather resulting in high quality fruit with good ripeness and bright acidity.